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Homeworld: Xaris Prime
Affiliation: United League of Planets, Admiral, Black Designation; KSDT2  Division
Born: 952 AE

Anabel von Kreuger has become a women without a world. In the year she was born, many would have foreseen a happy future ahead of her. The Solesian war had ended, the League was at peace. Few could have expected the chaos that would overtake the League only a few years later, when the Crusaders went on the march. Kreuger's home, Xaris Prime, was a small world just outside the Treadway line. As the League found itself more and more stretched, ships and resources drifted away from the Xaris system, soon leaving the planet almost unguarded against what seemed, to young Kreuger, the galaxy-wide menace of religious zealotry.

Growing up on a planet in orbit around a brown star, Kreuger was hardened and molded into an amazing physical condition, one that she shared with many of her fellow Xarisians. It was only natural for her to enroll in the League's military academy, where her significant physical advantage and her determination rocketed her past many of her classmates.  Rising quickly through the ranks, Kreuger was able to influence the decision makers at the top, who gave her the command of a picket fleet that patrolled the Xaris system.

Unfortunately, Kreuger's command would be marred by yet another completely unexpected surprise. The Antareans had carefully kept secret the processing process methods they had been using, which turned the previously useless material Iritsium into the super-lightweight armor used in drone construction. Xaris has one of the largest Iritsium clouds in the sector and when war broke out the Antareans hit the Xaris system hard. Deploying both the Antarean Imperial Army and the Antarean Imperial Space Navy in a daring tactical move, Antarean forces were able to hold a window open long enough to take control of Safeguard Station which maintained the heat and sunlight necessary for survival on the planet.

As soon as the Antareans had control of the station they issued Kreuger an ultimatum: retreat and leave the sector to Antarean Occupying Forces, or the AIA would destroy the station, returning the planet to a primitively cold state and wiping out the ecosystem the Xarisians had carefully constructed over centuries. 'Humanely,' they told Kruger that, should she pick the second choice, she would be allowed to evacuate the planet's population before the Antareans renewed their attack.

Of course, there was only once choice. Even had she known the value the Irisium held, something not to be discovered until nearly a month later, she still would have chosen to retreat, rather then destroy her own world. Forced to leave her planet, home, and family behind, Kreuger gave the system to the Antareans.

Admiral Kreuger (since promoted for her string of victories in the war) is now on permanent loan to the Kerrat Sector defense force, technically detached from the Xaris Picket Fleet, given command of the KSDT2 division. An officer with a personal touch, she has met many of the crew and commanders under her leadership, a number of whom have joined the League in order to stand between their planets and the Antareans. She is determined not to let them down.
This character was developed for the Angels Fall First Universe, for [link] - Operation Bethesda. The preview sketch is [not yet done :P] and, like the rest of this deviation, belongs to the Angels Fall First Team.

EDIT Aug 07/2007 5PM: Changed to Female
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Buchi Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2007
can't help myself, but from the name i expected a woman... ;)
aside of that, a nice write-up..
Phifty Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2007   Writer
Yea, well, I had thought that too, but there were only male portraits; I thought it might be some odd pronunciation. Apparently it /is/ supposed to be a women. I'll probably change this around to female, it won't be too big of a deal.
Phifty Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2007   Writer
and now it is female :P
Buchi Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2007
so, now all we need is a portrait of a stunning military woman to go with it :D or more to the point, a battle-hardened veteran...
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